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LEGO Bus Shelter MOC: Inspired JCDecaux in Copenhagen

LEGO bus shelter MOC based on the new bus shelter in Copenhagen by JCDecaux, DOT, and Movia

So recently JCDecaux, Movia, and Din Offentlige Transport (DOT) made new bus shelters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Image: JCDecaux

The new shelters incorporate banner placements for JCDecaux, live traffic information from the Danish Journey Planner (Rejseplanen), along with printed timetables as a fallback.

I liked the design so much, that I wanted to challenge myself to make a model of the new bus shelters in LEGO.


I had to make some adjustments to the design due to the fact that I wanted it to be in minifigure scale.

The bench design had to be changed a bit due to space limits, but I believe I came up with a solution. The bench is made of a 1×1 circular plate with holes for a stud, along with a water facet piece which holds the back support.

I had to make the timetables smaller, due to them being too far up in the air for the minifigs to read them. The bus line indicator had to be shrunk too, to fit minifig scale.

I also added the ability to switch out the advertisement billboard.
For example, the Movie posters from the Palace Cinema, could be applied to a 1x4x6 window panel.

I Hope you enjoy this model as much as I enjoyed making it!
I can’t wait to add this model to my lego city!

Download the file

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